Take care of nutrition in food

Our food is directly related to our health.  That is, the more nutritious the food, the better our health will be.  How to take care of nutrition in your food

Despite the rapid growth and expansion of medical and health services, the number of patients in hospitals of the country is increasing day by day.  The main reason for this is the increasing amount of salt, oil and sugar in our daily diet.  Due to lack of physical exertion and a comfortable routine, large amount of toxic substances accumulate in the body, which gives rise to many serious diseases.

Harmful foods
In place of traditional Indian catering, modern and western style based ready-to-eat, packaged or canned foods, junk food and fast food intake increase the harmful elements in our body.  In junk food and fast food, it is made tasty by using dangerous chemicals like transfats, sugar, sodium and lead, but it is no longer healthy.  By this, the hunger of the person is instantly erased, but the nutritional needs of the body are not fulfilled.  It lacks nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals etc.  Talking about the loss, it contains a lot of chemical substances and sugar in the form of transfats, synthetic colors, essences.  Due to lack of fiber in it and excessive lubrication, its intake also affects the digestive system badly.

Take care of your resistance
The body’s resistance weakens due to lack of essential nutrients.  Many diseases like obesity, sugar, blood pressure, cancer, kidney, constipation, liver are happening on a large scale due to increasing amounts of salt, oil, sugar and harmful substances.  According to an estimate, 60-70 percent of illnesses are due to unregulated human routine, unbalanced and unsafe eating.  Scientific survey has shown that man consumes almost twice as much salt, oil, and sugar in his daily diet as compared to physical needs.

Eat homemade things
In the metropolis due to the runaway lifestyle and work stress, the youth meet the food requirements by consuming ready-to-eat foods available in the market instead of consuming home-made foods.  But hotel and tiffin food emphasize taste rather than nutritional.  That is why test makers, harmful chemicals, synthetic colors, fats, sugar, trans fats etc. are used extensively in the manufacture of food items in a taste and fashion.  In the taste of taste, we forget that the consumption of such food causes many dangerous diseases.

Take caution
By taking small precautions, the incidence of foodborne diseases, low nutrition, micronutrient deficiency and obesity and non-communicable diseases can be controlled in the country.  Consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables supplies essential nutrients to the body.  Consuming fortified food in daily diet and using balanced and safe foods increases the body’s immunity and makes you feel healthier.

Campaign needed
To address the growing health challenges in the country, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is running the Eat Right India Movement as part of an awareness program for the public to consume safe and balanced foods and safe foods by food traders.  Under this, information is being provided to the general public about the right and quality foods.

Take safe and healthy food

  • Take a safe and healthy diet, because that is the basis of good health.
  • Eat fortified food.
  • Avoid consumption of bright and colorful foods.
  • Always consume fruits and vegetables by washing.
  • Do not use stickers on fruits.
  • Pay attention to nutritious food, healthy life.
  • Be sure to check the label before using canned foods.
  • Do not use newspaper and polythene to keep food items.
  • Do not consume cut fruits and vegetables.

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